Pride-knowledge Of Darkness

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Pradīpe pradīpaṁ prajvālya tamonāśāya yatamānaḥ (endeavor to dissipate the darkness with a lamp under a lamp)

A big lamp produces a greater amount of light than a tiny candle. Therefore to try to compete with the light of a lamp with that of a candle is futile.

Dīpaḥ means light, but also knowledge, and for better, transcendental knowledge (jïāna-dīpaḥ). Now, the material world means darkness in knowledge, because of not knowing who we are and what is our purpose. This darkness is a side product of transcendental light. As in the example, if there is a shadow, we can understand that there is a light that produces that shadow. If our consciousness is enveloped in darkness we can infer that there is a consciousness that is shining with full awareness. Every light produces a shadow. Shadow is not producing light. Without light, there would not be any shadow. The darkness of shadow is just a side product of the light; light being absent.

If the light is lit, it reveals surrounding objects and produces their shadows. The most powerful light manufacturer in this world is sūrya or the Sun planet, but