Blind To Truth

Aandha gaja nyāyaḥ (blind men and the elephant)

A group of blind scientists approached an elephant, because they wanted to make a thorough research of the elephant how it looks like. One was touching his trunk, one his leg, one his tail. The first man, who had touched the elephant's trunk, described it as a fat huge serpent. The second man, who had touched the leg of the elephant described it having body as massive pillar. The third man, who has got hold of elephant's tail described it as a piece of a rope, with a tuft of loose fibers at the end. Each of the blind men was convinced of his own scientific observation, proclaiming it as the only true description of elephant which of course completely disagreed with other team members' description. Before too long they started quarrel not arriving to actual conclusion at all. Only a passerby, who was not blind, could resolve the dispute, and he described elephant, as he is. But unfortunate and blind as they were, the men decided to unite against the bearer of real truth. They conspired to get rid of this disrupter, so they can proceed in their laborious useless way of research of elephant for ever.

This is how futile is to rely on the strength of one's own blunt senses, represented by blind men, in the matters to see much complex higher truths, represented by the elephant. Each scientist proclaiming a discovery and proprietorship over some natural law and truth, which was actually existing long before the scientist who found it, may be right in what he observes, but he is not right that he sees it in truth, because he does not see the complete truth. Half truth presented as complete is worse than a utter lie. It is better to be honest, assume low profile, and admit that description of the popularly presented scientific facts are of only an incomplete value. Therefore proclaiming such partial truths as ultimate is a cheating, supported by the money of people ignorant of actual truths or by mostly those innocent people, who don't know what is actually going on or don't care about such so called science. Anyway, everybody has to pay for that willingly or unwillingly in the form of plentiful taxes and same onslaught ignorance education.

Much worse, these blind men, who call themselves scientists, dare to make much noise in the spiritual subjects, in which they have hardly any ability to see at all. They do all this for their own aggrandizement, fame and money. The cure is utter humility.

In actual context to perceive truth is to see the Absolute Truth Lord Śrī Hari. He is the cause of all the other truths, semi-truths, and lies as well. That is the position of God. Everything emanates from Him. To claim one truly sees, he has to make logical connection of everything and anything of created world, to the whole, the Supreme Personality of Godhead. This is the lesson of andha gaja nyāyaḥ.

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