Broad-mindness of God

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Ghaṭārthin nyāyaḥ (desire for pot)

A beggar was praying to God to get a pot, and promised to use it in His service only. Finally, after nine months he has got the pot. He was so thrilled about his new sense of possession that he was throwing the pot in the air, and shouting, “I've got the pot. I've got the pot.” While the pot was coming down he missed to catch it one more time. The pot fell on the ground and broke into pieces, leaving the beggar frustrated.

Every human being prays to God in the womb of his mother. He wants to get out to the world, because he has so many desires to be fulfilled. He gives promises to God never to forget Him. After nine months his prayers get granted. He gets the "pot" - takes birth, but just to selfishly engulf himself in the material sense objects, forgetting that he made some promise to God, thus spoiling what he has received in good faith. That is the broad-mindedness of God.

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