Burning The Seed of Karma

Dagdhabīja nyāyaḥ (burned seed)

The seed, otherwise suitable for growth, when burned, will never more germinate in any condition.

Vedic literature describe our material existence in many ways comparing it to ordinary seed of a plant (bīja). It is because there are many similes, which helps us to understand the mechanisms of karma. The desires, which are separate from Kṛṣṇa's desires, are seeds, which we sow in our garden of worldly course. Each seed grows into a plant with different kind of fruits to enjoy or dislike, which produce many new seeds to germinate in turn. Some are sweet and tasty, some are bitter, and deadly poisonous. Each plant in due course produces lesser or greater number of seeds, thus manifoldly multiplying the number of plants and consequent fruits. So is the same with material existence. Only one desire results in an action, which turns to bring many fruits and seeds. Therefore, we are helplessly bound to enjoy or suffer the original seed of our desire to enjoy without Kṛṣṇa. It becomes endless circle, accepting various unpleasant bodies, with no way to get out, all because of us bad gardeners. But there is a secret passage. From given description the solution is obvious. The seeds of our material desires for women, adoration, and distinction has to be burnt to ashes. An expert gardener of spiritual grandeur, will use nice and beautiful kind of plants of pleasing devotion to Lord Kṛṣṇa, using effective spiritual methods of bhakti to cultivate them. In this way we will be truly free in no time. That is called karma-yoga, dovetailing one's abilities in service to Śrī Hari.

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