So far, I've learned that the members of this conference tend to view

jokes in which black people are the butt of humor to be politically

incorrect. But nobody minds when I make fun of Englishmen, even

to the point of calling them rude names like Pommies. Even the

English devotees who read these jokes don't protest. Interesting,

ektshually. It just proves what they say about the Brits--they get

a sliver in their finger every time they scratch their heads.

What's even more interesting is that the members of this conference

have such apparently lack of regard for space aliens. Don't you feel

ashamed laughing at jokes about them? Do you really feel yourselves so

superior, just because they're small, skinny, gray, have big eyes

and fly around in saucers zapping people with ray guns? Well, it just

goes to show what they say about Earth people. They're always speaking

so unkindly about their inferiors, but nobody's been able to find who

their inferiors are.

Anyway, enough of that.

Here's a joke about Jews.

A young Jewish boy was sitting in his father's tailor shop. A customer

had just paid the father for a $20 shirt and was leaving the store.

The boy asked his father, "Dad, what's business ethics?"

His father replied, "Son, I've noticed while here at the cash register

that the customer who's just exiting through the door accidently

gave me two $20 bills stuck together. So here's where question of

business ethics comes in.

Whether or not to tell my partner?"

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