Counting Madness

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Gardabharomagaṇana nyāyaḥ (counting fur of donkey)

A man, out of sheer curiosity, counts the hairs on the body of the donkey.

A man may count all the hairs on an animal body, all the sand grains in the beach, or all the atoms in the creation, still it does not move him an inch further. Yet, this is passing as education and science. Innocent children are drilled in the schools to parrot grammatical rules and mathematical formulas, just to forget them as soon as they leave school premises, instead to give them a scientific knowledge of Godhead and relationship with Him. Thus many years are wasted. And many more years are squandered after they graduate to enroll in some job, where they only continue with the same enumerating routine, this time for getting money for their living. It seems like this counting everything has become a trend of modern man, as he has nothing better to do. Therefore everybody has to be educated in the highest principles of human life, which are far above counting, the principles of how to love God.

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