Pandemic Cure

(open letter, 13/04/2020 Easter, Germany)

At the present the Corona virus is spreading like wild fire all over our planet, infecting millions and killing hundred thousands of men. We know from the history that this did not happen first time. There had been more severe pandemics in past 2000 years, infecting or even killing half of the planet inhabitants. As well as in the past as well as now scientists, leaders and general people have been trying to understand the cause, the cure and possible prevention to such pandemics. So far the success is not coming through. Apparently unless this matter is completely and scrutinizingly understood, studied and put into effective practice, the solution will not materialize as a miracle despite all the wishful thinking. I beg you, and warn you, to take this matter seriously. Do not chuck the idea away as Jack and John would do. The solution is open for broad minded. Jack and John are left behind.

The pandemic is rather of spiritual cause than material one. From the beginning of the humanity itself it is genetically implanted for some to act as a virus - find the host, spread, kill the host and claim proprietorship. In the past it was seldom, but at the present this attitude is wide spread. Unless and until this viral mentality is cured we can not expect much benefit of mind and intellect infected humanoids. The treatment has to begin on the level of knowledge and action. We have to finally accept that we are not the masters of the world and nature. Though idiots will continue to present high sounding ideas how to forward the rule over the eternal laws of karma. When we continue to act as virus, plundering, destroying and killing everything around us, we will be treated as virus.

Nowadays more and more people are aware that the life is not just an unconscious interactions of atoms and molecules. They are nearing the understanding that life comes from life and matter comes from life as well. As for any governance the laws are created by men, by qualified personnel of the state. After thorough understanding of the particular circumstances that applies to place and time the board passes a law, which ought to be followed by citizens. Obedient citizens do so. Those who do not has to go through trial and be punished accordingly. In the same way this world have a set of rules prescribed for human population. Those rules were not paper issued during Big Bang or similar such festival. With the same logic they had to be created by intelligent beings, who are much more qualified and much more powerful in the matter of managing the laws of material nature, which due to our incapacity may look to as haphazardous. Nature works under the laws of the board of directors, invisible to our incapacitated, blind and spoiled intellect, presided by its' president. No disregard, vehement opposition or scoff will change this status. Intelligence of an ant or microbe does not apply here.

The point is that humans are breaking laws of God and thus laws of nature. We can safely say that. People are already understanding that such an attitude is actually cutting the branch on which they are sitting. Even though this age is typically surcharged with atheism and agnosticism, still I am trying to offer the understanding by which this or any epidemic can be stopped absolutely and within the blink of an eye. Three out of four viral diseases are transferred to humans by meat consumption. COVID-19 is no exception. It is the responsibility of scientists and leaders of states to educate people in this matter. It is time to be united f