Destiny Maker

Uṣṭralaguḍa nyāyaḥ (club for the camel)

The man, who drives his camel, beats it with the stick, which actually camel carries on its back.

The unfortunate camel is the object of another example of stupidity. But this is necessary in order to teach the men of having camel-like mentality. This logic is similar to uṣṭrakaṇṭakabhakṣaṇa nyāyaḥ. It complement each other. A materialistic man is maker of his destiny. Either it is enjoyable sweet fruit paid by one's blood or one is getting painful bitter fruit as a reward. In booth cases one suffers. This makes perfect pattern of life in the prison of matter. A Kṛṣṇa conscious man is not maker of his destiny. He totally surrenders unto the Supreme Lord, and the rest is taken care by Him. He neither suffers nor enjoys. He experiences sum of bliss unimaginable and unattainable by one's labor, power of mind or intelligence.

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