Dr. Frog

Kūpamaṇḍūka nyāyaḥ (a frog within a well)

A big frog lived in a well. Once a stranger frog by accident fell into same well. In-dweller started to question the newcomer: “Where from did you come?” Newcomer: “I live at the sea.” Dr. Frog: “What is that?” Newcomer: “It is vast body of water.” Dr. Frog: “Is it big like my thigh?” Newcomer: “No. It is bigger.” Dr. Frog: “Like both my booth thighs together?” Newcomer: “No! It is much bigger.” Dr. Frog: “It can not be bigger than from here to there.” Newcomer: “Indeed, yes it is.” Big frog started to puff up, trying to measure the size of described sea. The newcomer frog pointed out that sea is much bigger than this well. That it is limitless water. Dr. Frog could not admit that anything is bigger that His well, so it puffed more and more until it burst, killing itself instantly. The traveler frog shed a tear of compassionate pity due to vain death of its fellow being, and continued on the voyage to the world beyond. Each of us live in a deep pathetic well called home, family, society, nation. Ultimately, this whole world is a greater well jagad-aṇḍa-kūpa, which we consider to be all-in-all. Due to such miserly limitations, we give no option that there is something at least little better. We live like stupid frogs, shortening our lives by malicious narrow-mindedness. In this world, only very few fortunate saintly souls know that unfathomable abode, which is build of transcendental touch-stones, where every step is a dance, every word is song, where wish-fulfilling trees grow, where the unlimited quantity of milk is supplied by Surabhi cows, all enjoyed be the Çré Hari and His unlimited number of Goddesses of Fortune.

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