Equal As Iron And Apples

For a long time, there has been going on whipping propaganda of equality of one and all, which is just another phantasmagory tale poured into the innocent or already damaged brains by the opportunists of this pitiful world. The good news is, equality is not on the material level. It would not be practical after all. Every born human and all the living entities have birth-engraved gifts and proclivities, which ought to be used as they are, so much so that everyone is fully locked under those. A warrior will not take full-time to a pot-washer job. Man will not give birth to babies, and woman will not find it interesting to work as a coal miner. Not going too wide, and not mentioning more, conditioned souls have one great defect - greed. This simple fact makes it easy for exploiters to incite this faulty propensity in poor souls. Under such pressure, poorly educated want to get the benefits of those educated ones. Destitute want to lay their hands on the money of rich ones. Women want to repossess the advantages of fellow males, or rather supercede them. Above all, humans want to rule the phenomenal world, or rather to spread like a virus than actually rule with a benefit. There goes the equality.