avivāha nyāyaḥ (no remarriage)

For women, there is no remarriage.

This is not much of a philosophical point rather a cultural one, which represents the philosophy of culture of the spiritual world, which is still a tradition in many parts and families of the world.

A woman's true beauty is to be chaste, and faithful. This makes her happy, and this creates a safe and prosperous environment for society at large. This was and still is the tradition in today's perturbed world of independent women desperately looking for shelter amongst exploitive men. The majority of the modern problems are created by the concocted system of divorce and remarriage machinery. Sometimes it happens that the husband prematurely dies or goes away. In any case, it is not advisable to break up the wedlock at the first opportunity and marry every other week. The understanding of human culture and its psyche goes very deep. On the spiritual platform, anything like a breakup is not applicable. All the souls are eternally connected with Śrī Hari, and sometimes that tie is of mādhurya or amorous nature. Hence all the souls are eternally interconnected too. Out of lustful pride and concocted illusion, we create many things, which fall into the category of breakup and divorce, and create hell for family, friends, and society just to disgrace the intrinsically superior status of human nature, which in this case means faithfulness to one's husband, wife, family, friends, but to Śrī Hari at the very first place.

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