Froggish Mind

maṇḍūkatolana evam maṇḍūkapluti nyāyaḥ (weighing jumping frog)

A frog knows no other way of movement than jumping here and there. Constant movement and jumping of the frog makes it impossible to measure its weight.

Due to the nature of the mind, acquired by previous bad associations and poor training, the mind of many people is unsteady like that of a frog. Such bad training involves overburden of unnecessary unregulated sensory stimulants for sex, belly and tongue indulgence. Untamed mind is treacherous enemy. One can not know and can not make sure where the mind jumps next. For a human person it is obligatory to follow regulatory behavior of mankind, otherwise he is disruption in the society, and prepares himself for a frog life, if not worse. From young age, children must be educated to learn how to steady their minds by natural regulations of Kṛṣṇa conscious life, living under the loving care of the guru, who teaches them how to use revealed scriptures in day to day life. In such a way their minds becomes peaceful, able, and strong. They have less chances to become victimized by traps of illusion offered to them in due course. It is easier for them to focus on their duties, be happy in this life, and finally return back home back to Godhead. Any rules created by imperfect mundaners are not calculated as human regulations. They are plain polished animal habits of sleeping, mating, eating and security acquiring. They are no competitions for God given laws. Only by following these can a man make a progress from frog-like mind ethics.

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