God's Miracles

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Nārikelaphalāṁbu (coconut water)

By nature's miracle, the coconut has a tasty juice, very nourishing and healthy for that matter, inside of it.

Once coming to India from Europe, I told my little daughter that in India grows juice in cans on the trees. She laughed saying, “How is that?” When she saw coconuts on the top of the palms and tasted coconut juice she understood. This is just a very simple example of so called miracles of nature. The atheists don't like to admit that this and the rest of nature's wonders are credited to the Supreme Creator. They can analyze the coconut from top to bottom, inside-out, as if that is supposed to be creditable, but still, they won't be able to create nor a small coconut, nor the drop of its juice, for the duration of the time of all the universe they would have. Rather they obstinately imitate all the wonders of Śrī Hari in their clumsy and destructive ways.

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