Greatest Performer

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Na hi suśikṣitopi naṭavaṭu svaskandhamāroduṁ paṭu (entertaining performer won't climb his own shoulders)

A young and floppy stage performer show acts of a variety of feats, which nobody from the audience can do. Yet it is impossible for him to climb his own shoulders, which he is asked to do by provocative onlookers.

A many passive intelligentsia, undevoted to God, challenge Him saying, “Why is He blue? What is the meaning of Him wearing peacock feather? Why He allows grief and suffering?” Theirs' objections are unlimited in number. They are not able to do even a fraction of the fraction, what Kṛṣṇa can do via His energies, what to speak of lifting a hill like Govardhana or showing universal form. Yet they dare to speak any challenge against Him out of utter foolish self-destructive pride. All that they are naturally accustomed to is to increase sufferings in the name of sense gratification, be sick all the time, eventually grow old, and die. What a great performance!

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