Or is it?

The thing is that every one living entity wants to be happy, and so they wish each other the same. Nothing wrong with that, except that this place is full of birth, old, age and diseases. Diseases? This year was particularly of overdone "celebration" of one Covid disease. Such wishing of a happy new year is meaningless, superficial, and highly sarcastic unless it is built on solid spiritual values of understanding that we are not the body, but the spirit soul whose true happiness lies in active devotional service to Sri Hari. There is the happy crash each second, not just once a year. There starts wishing the good to one and all.

The ending year has been greatly miserable, full of mentioned faults and great oppression on many levels from those who ought to be protective instead. Hard to expect that next year will be much better unless you embrace your rightful claim to happiness. Will you?

Have a good one.


Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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