Harinam Inoculation

Why do you say mask?

While it is your guru who saved your life?

Why do you pray to a vaccine?

While it is Gaura you ought to be worshipping

Why do you fear a pandemic threat?

While harinam prabhu can bring to life the dead

What is so highly valuable In your worry-ridden life?

Are you a body or a new-age mismatch?

Was there no other plague and disease in the past?

To ring the alarm for it is not pretty for one on the spiritual path

Krishna can barely see you through your mask and farce

Your heart has been kidnapped by Maya's toy agitation

In your view, the virus is stronger than God you worship so much

What a bad luck

Is there nothing better to do than showing your wimpish love?

Inapt understanding and dearth of trust?

What can illness do to you by taking your useless life?

If tomorrow bug will get you taking away your pride, and acolytes

It will be a great lesson for you in fact

Reason! Do not waste your life thinking you figured it all out

How to caress your body and your crooked mind

Choose the all-powerful harinam

Or perish following deluded men minds' crap

Show your stand!

Don't hide behind the mask!

Well, ... said enough

Sri Sri bhakti-vighna-vinasasa Laksmi Narasimhadeva bhagavan

ki jay!

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