How To Recognize True Guru

Andha go lāṅgūla nyāyaḥ (blind holding bull's tail)

A blind man wanted to go from his village to a neighbouring city. He met a barber, who was fond of practical jokes. The barber suggested the blind man that he will find him an able guide. Afterwards he took him to a field, where bullock was grazing, and let him catch his tail. He told the blind: “Here is a good guide for you, Don't let him go whatever happens.” Bull recognized that some stranger has grasped his tail. Started to run. Instead of going to the city the bull was dragging the blind man over the road, rocks, and thorny bushes while giving him plenty of kicks with its hind legs, and almost killing the poor man.

The blind man represents poor living entity blinded by the dazzle of material world. The blindness in itself is the unfortunate condition. The joker barber embodies the false guru or misleading rational teacher posing as theist. The bull represents the agent of material nature executing the punishment.

The compulsory habit of attending schools, seminars, lectures, and turning towards more knowledgeable persons is nourished by the idea to get some kind of good direction in life's course, which is quite natural for every living entity. The unfortunate state of it is that due to ignorant blindness the seeker of the truth is easy prey for throngs of cheating gurus and teachers in general, who with crooked smile on their lips provides their pupils many kinds of directions for increasing suffering. One may argue that, if somebody wants a guru, and while blind, how he can actually recognize true guru if there are so many? The true is opposite. When one sincerely and humbly sees that he is blind in the spiritual matters than he very eagerly and swiftly finds proper teacher to educate, to lead him. On the opposite, self conceited insincere pretenders are only satisfied with second, third, and hundredth class teachers and leaders, which satisfy their sense gratificatory whims in the garb of fruitive work, desire for liberation or gaining supernatural powers bringing them to the verge of spiritual death.

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