sūryodayāsta nyāyaḥ (sunrise and sunset)

The Sun rises and sets based on its will. Nobody can challenge the Sun regarding its time schedule. When it rises, the day begins. When it sets, the day is over. Such is the autocracy of the Sun.

Śrī Hari is ultimately superior, yet fools challenge: “Can you show me the God.” It is the same idiocy as to demand the Sun to appear at our whim. "Do you have eyes to see the God?" God is visible to everyone, but one who has trained vision by śāstra and guru. Common folk can not see the profit opportunities around, but the experienced businessman can easily find a way to make money. Do not be frustrated that you are not trained. Make an effort!

The Lord has his scheduled, and unscheduled times for His avatārs to come to this world. There are unlimited of them too. Actually, śāstra compares His appearance exactly to the rise of the Sun on the Eastern horizon. It is our insularity, which makes us think that the Sun exists only after it has risen, and is finished after sunset. However, the Sun is always there, shining on somebody's head, and has spread its influence through its powerful energies. The same is understood with Śrī Hari, who is unlimitedly more powerful, and more influential than the Sun. Intelligent can understand this.

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