Jnana-yoga, Bridge Preaching, Vijnana, Realized Devotees

Adhibhuta Das: Jnana-yoga can be defined in variety ways. One of them could be hoarding of transcendental knowledge without application and realization.

Kashya Das: Not that. That would be out of range.

AD: Ok. What would be the exact one sentence definition?

KD: Engaging the intellect for understanding the Absolute Truth.

AD: Is study of the shastra (sat shastra) jnana and bhakti-yoga at the same time?

KD: Study of the shastra is part of bhakti-yoga. Complete is thus sravanam-mananam-nidhidhyasanam. We listen from the shastra, we think about it and we apply it.

AD: The result of this process is devotional service, or not necessarily?

KD: It is. Otherwise jnana is not complete.