Lifetime of Waste

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Alpasya hetorbahuhātumicchanniti nyāyaḥ (huge effort to gain a trifle)

One overworks to get transient results.

It is not very sensible to work hard for a little profit. But it so happens everywhere. The human form is very rare to achieve. It is a golden opportunity after soul's travel through millions of other life forms. Yet the obstinate mind dictates us to work very very hard in freezing cold and scorching heat, day-shifts, night-shifts, in nonhuman environments just to get little drop of promised happiness, which is to us as blooming youth, wealth, family, friendship, followership. “Oh! What's that?” Says Mr. Such 'n Such. “This is all we've got. This is all our happiness.” But what kind of happiness? Penny-wise, pound-foolish. We pay our sweat and blood to get it, without a guarantee that we get it. Finally, when we have got it, we are not able to protect it. We wring it out, smash it, beat it, trash it, squeeze it with maximum strength just so it drains through our fingers fast. Transient. Our life is transient, dear mister, so transient that it can be compared to a drop of water tottering on the edge of a lotus flower petal. It can drop at any moment. You ought to live in a way that you expect to die any moment. Don't waste your time!

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