Light of Knowledge

Ghaṭapradīpā nyāyaḥ (lamp in a pot)

A light of the lamp is confined by the boundaries of the pot walls.

Light is often compered to knowledge, because as light dispels gross darkness, transcendental knowledge dispels darkness of ignorance. We have a certain knowledge, however small or big it is, of which we are very proud of. The iron rule is that our egoistic identification with our temporal material ability – ahaṅkāra, and temporal material status – abhimāna, creates an insurmountable wall boundaries for the light of eternal spiritual knowledge about our personal relationship with God to spread much further. Our inherent knowledge potency deserves more than just ordinary world views of common contemporary science, art, history, and culture. Not to be confined, but to be free, is only possible, when our desire to know is directed behind the pot walls of ordinary subject matters, in to the realm of Lord Śrī Hari's eternal pastimes.

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