Madonna's Principles

by Bhakta Hap Camper

Akruranatha Prabhu's question as to why Madonna didn't get the ray gun treatment jogged my memory. While at the Manor, she was invited to a meeting of the Bearded Householder's Council. Our 2 aliens, Gort (with the ray gun) and Klaatu, are hovering in their flying saucer

outside of the window.This is what they overhear. "I'm a vegetarian. I only go out with guys who have plenty of lettuce. That's because, even though people say I'm good for nothing, I do follow one regulative principle: I'm not bad for nothing. I don't mind it when men love me and leave me, as long as they leave me enough. Well, I guess that's it. I'm not a big talker--I only speak in money syllables."