Insanity of Fear

(on present Covid-19 bodily hysteria)

All the insanity sprouts from bodily conception and a fear of dying. The problem lies ofcourse in the identification with the body, which is dead from start to beginning. Another version of that is the fear to leave the material world of attachments. One may know that he is not the body, yet still he is afraid that he will lose his present comfort attachments. That is insanity. For that reason any and all are ready to sacrifice anything, even to undergo oppression from guys like Hitler, whom whole world tolerated until he went fully bezerk. That is the present day situation. That is the reason why is this going on.

Mission of Krishna consciousness is to make one fearless. We have to suffer birth, death, old age and disease. That is unavoidable. The matter is how ready we are. In that sense everyone should be educated - to be fearless like warrior. Please don't mistake it to be negligent of cleanliness, because that is another discussion. Our main program is devotional service and propagation of it, not wasting time in securing our bodily comforts. Srila Prabhupada was example of that. In old age he sacrificed so much of his wealth and health just so that he could save us from comfortable lockdown in material world.

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