Master of One's Guru

Kāṁsyabhojā nyāyaḥ (eating from a bell plate)

A man made himself a promise to eat only from a bell-metal plate. The man had a guru. According to the practice, the disciple eats the remnants of his guru. Because of the whim of his disciple this guru agreed to change his habit only to eat from a bell-metal plate too, so that the disciple may not brake his promise.

This is an example of acting whimsically according to one's own ideas, which is very prominent in one's materialistic mind. This mentality binds more and more to think that our decision has a very great value. Consequently, we demand from others to conform to our mental habits. If not, we are at least surprised, if not angry, despising others. Such an attitude is isolating us more and more from a hearty, tolerant relationships with others. In the case of disciple-guru relationship it is offensive, hindering the disciple's spiritual progress. Actually, we must follow high and noble promises, but not in a way, which requires involuntary cooperation not less than the whole world. Rather, we set a good example for others to follow with all their best.

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