Nature of Enjoyment In the Material World

Uṣṭrakaṇṭakabhakṣaṇa nyāyaḥ (camel enjoying thorny plant)

The camels like to eat thorny bushes, not because it has some extraordinary taste and juice in it, but because while chewing the thorns, the blood oozes from the tongue of a camel to give it a sweet taste. One would ask, “Why camel injures its own tongue just to relish the sweet taste of its own blood?” The answer is that a camel do not have enough brain substance to understand that simple fact. In the same way one could ask why a man works blood and breath enjoying the sweet taste of his own blood presented by destiny as fruits of theirs hard labor. The answer is the same. The meaning is clear. Sorry to say that. Indeed that is how every living entity strives and gets its sweet taste of enjoyment. The remedy is to use the same work force with detachment for the results. That can be ultimately done only if it the work is performed for Kåñëa's sake.

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