Perfect Creation

Ardha kukkuṭa nyāyaḥ (chopping half of the hen off)

Ardha vaiśasa nyāyaḥ (chopping half off)

A farmer cuts off the upper half of the hen where she has the head, because he considers it too expansive to feed. On the other side, the bottom part makes a profit for him in the form of the eggs. Such an headless act certainly causes a death of the hen and makes farmer rather loss than profit.

All the phenomenons of Lord's creation are complete unit in itself, and a part of larger complete unit at the same time. This confirms invocation of Śrī Īśopaniṣad. In order to function properly, all the units, simple or complicated, has to remain complete, otherwise they naturally loose their capability to function in the given form. Nobody can bypass this law, however clever he thinks he is. If somebody takes off part of a car, computer or any other device, they will be incomplete, and malfunctioning. If intelligent men can understand this simple logic of a whole from given examples of hen, machines, etc., they can appreciate it in much larger scale of the unit of the God's creation. In booth cases, in minor or major, this God's law of completeness is essential. If fools try to make a kingdom of God without a God, they prove to be of the same idiotic celebrity as was the farmer in mentioned story. They will get only dead result and fool's fame.

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