Pigeons of the Barn

Khalekapota nyāyaḥ - The pigeons live off the grains, left in the barn by generous farmer, without any strenuous work.

The modern men in their arrogant state proclaim that theirs is the credit for food production, when actually they are hampering it, mainly by maintaining slaughter-house attitude. At the same time they are not able to create a single grain in their costly laboratories. That is left out for Hari to do, while they claim the pride as inventors and hard workers. All men can eat to their hearts content by properly manipulating the nature via performance of sacrifice. Supreme Lord is the most generous farmer, go-brāhmaṇa-hitāya ca. He feeds all the animals, from the smallest bugs to biggest elephants and whales, who get it all without work and need to pay for it. Why would He omit humans? Indeed He does, to rectify, because He has a request to them. The humans have higher consciousness. In such a state Lord expects to have a reciprocation with them, at least, by performance of sacrifice on their part. That is a must for human beings. The sacrifice is a form of gratitude towards our eternal Maintainer. It is a basic mellow toward God. To keep that attitude helps quickly to make further progress from “must to do” to “love to do”. For present age the performance of sacrifice is made rather easy. However, one has to learn that art of harināma-yajïa, offensless chanting of Hari's names, in the association of experienced devotees of the Lord.

kåñëera saàsära koro chäòi' anäcär jéve doyä, kåñëa-näm-sarva-dharma-sär

"Giving up all improper behavior, carry on your worldly duties only in relation to Kåñëa. Compassion to all living entities is chanting the holy name of Kåñëa, and it is the essence of all forms of religion."

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