Relative To Absolute

Aśma loṣṭa nyāyaḥ (stone and clod of earth)

A chunk of earth is hard when compared with a piece of paper or cloth, but is soft when compared with a stone.

This saying describes the common relativity of phenomenons and grades of people in the material world. There is always something or someone beautiful when compared to ugly or something or someone rich when compared to the poor, and so on. This everybody knows, and its useful while here. But only few knows that on the transcendental platform there is no such relativity. There is one Supreme Person, who possesses all the qualities in full, supreme beauty, supreme fame, supreme strength, supreme wealth, supreme wisdom, and supreme detachment. There everything and everyone is centered around Him. Everyone is insignificant, when compared to His majesty, but meaningful, because connected to Him. Hence all the relativity is one pointed, unselfish, of supermost dimension, thus non existent, meaning beyound any comprehension, in the sense of material insignificant gradations.

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