Secular Religion

The modern man is proud of having secular societies. Not knowing the actuality of the word secular, meaning worldly or temporal, they take it as connected to no religion. Thus they create their particular agnostic religious institutions as supposedly opposite to the rest of the existing theistic ones. Coming and going, institutionalized religious groups with no particular God in center, merely base their voted and vouched idol on holyfied sense enjoyment and impersonal self destruction. Thus secular and religious, quasi opposites, fall into same page as is evident from what follows. The difference is only in first being frank and the last pretentious.

Being afraid of God having an Absolute and autocratic position mundane debauchee thinkers manufacture religions, often just by copying the original religious traditions, to substitute natural emotional craving of the individual. In this way they cheat innocent public into perpetual irreligious damnation in the name of religion, mundane religion, often using the very same word dharma. Dharma means sanätana-dharma. That pertains to the existential eternity of the being. Sanätana-dharma operates on the field of unchanging knowledge values and ever fresh cultural emotions of the soul in the connection to the Supreme Soul Çré Hari. Worldly dharma, however holy it may be proclaimed, is useless for true spiritual salvation if this fundamental principle of Kåñëa consciousness is omitted or the God is put into indefinable oblivion. Mundane religions becomes quickly stale and boring and need to be reviewed and reorganized, very too often, just to squeeze a little bit profit from ignorant and thus cheated public, at the cost of keeping away from God in just another way. Therefore mundane religion is pretentious, giving breeding ground to atheistic religions, whereas eternal religion is that of sincerity.

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