Seeing the Lord

vahnidhūma nyāyaḥ (fire and smoke)

Wherever is smoke there is also a fire.

By certain symptoms, we can infer the cause, if we have enough brain, not spoiled by unhealthy mental speculations of the modern education system. Like in this example, everyone knows that wherever is smoke there is also a fire, of which the smoke is the effect. In the same way, the soul's consequence is consciousness. Dead matter does exhibit no consciousness, only the living entity does. That is all there is to it. Besides humans, there are also higher and lower animals, plants, aquatics, and various beasts, and insects. But it is totally misleading to say that animals, plants, and human embryos are not of the same conscious substance as the humans, who claim the right to mercilessly kill those innocent creatures to eat them. The proper attitude should be taken toward all living entities. They ought to be seen as inseparable parts of the Lord, in diverse variations, due to their conditionings of previous misdeeds. And this is also how the Super consciousness of the Supreme Soul makes oneself perceivable, indicating His Persona. That is just a further step in God-realization to perceive the Supreme Lord's manifestations of consciousness all around the whole creation. There is actually no place absent of the presence of God. Only in illusion, which is also one such effectively performing energy of His, we are not aware of this simple fact. Due to atheistic education, we are working hard to prove that He is not - nāsti. That is a waste of time. Our duty is the opposite. We are meant to find the Lord of all, and everything there is. Then our happiness takes sprouts forth.

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