Slap Is According to the Face

yādṛśaṁ mukhaṁ tādṛśa capeṭa (slap according to face)

A man reaps what he sows.

Under the superior supervision a person gets what is due to him. This law of karma is very strict, as any kind of law is, and it ought to be understood by human beings. Dharma-śāstra describes all this in great detail. Leaders of present societies are responsible to know, follow, and teach others these laws, in order so that the present chaotic situation will be put into normal human habitat. Because leaders don't understand these rules, they do not know, how to administer punishment or give proper respect, what is right or wrong, good or bad. They are bound to punish someone over-excessively or they are overly lenient pacifists with others. In both cases, they do harm, and add to their own karmic burden. There is no excuse in saying that “we” do not believe in this, this is your faith, etc. Fire burns everyone, regardless one believes it or not. The greatest responsibility lies with the leaders. Because they do not follow dharma-śāstra, people do not follow them, though they obey them as long as they are granted feeble objects of sense gratification. In one sense, general populace is much less punishable, but both will get their faces slapped, some more, some less, proportionately to their faces. There is no one else to blame but themselves. In this manner the sense of equity of Śrī Hari is performed.

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