Sole Promise Does Not Yeald

Ekākināpratijïā hi pratijïānam na sādhayati

Single promise alone does not secure the subject of the promise to happen. Nowadays it has become fashion to pass promises, and even worse, to take them seriously. It is of no surprise. When we were leaving the company of the Lord in the spiritual world we promised, “I will not forget you!” But forget we did. Why would we leave His association at the first place? After making this initial lie, consequently, we begun to believe promise that we will find an enjoyment in this world of death. So it continues until today. We make promises like, “I will love you for ever.” then divorce after a month. So called scientists promise us that they will create life in laboratory, prolong life, cure diseases or we will be traveling to Moon and Mars, and we like to believe them. In this way the truthfulness is not possible. We want to be toyed around and cheated. Let's hope that Kṛṣṇa consciousness will prevail, thus people will value more their words, put them in action, or think twice before making a promise. This requires society of truthful devotees of Hari and good training.

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