Soul Distancing

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

The destruction of social interactions has been long-term propaganda of the devilish atheistic scourge. Since ever there had been unending strife to undermine and end the varnashrama system, and its nucleus the brahminical culture, all over the world and primarily in India, where it is still consciously preserved. For monster monkey opposition this makes it pin in the eye.

Social interaction is a major part of varnashrama-dharma and therefore a major part of human beings and we can observe it in many animals too. The origin of it is in the interactions with Supreme Lord Sri Hari, with His devotees, and with the rest of the living entities as well, who are His expansions. Interactions are actually the very essence of the life of the soul, which fulfills the spiritual hunger of any and all living entities. That is what is known as ananda. Without that the soul is as good as a dead stone.

Therefore this advertisement for social distancing is nothing new. It has been on the agenda of the demons since the beginning of creation. Every living entity of this mundane realm had desired to be socially distanced from Sri Hari and His devotees. That is the reason why all of them took it on the quest to the material world.

Now the world devils took another opportunity to widen this distancing from their very life source. They gave it a fed term – “Social Distancing.” It sounds so scientifical, so convincing, so profound, and so deep into the heart of hate of all. Modern innocent men have been trained not to resist that, even if it goes against their own nature and interest.

So apparently because of this virus coming around is a reason for distancing from each other, staying home out of jobs, schools, and all kinds of gatherings, and wearing face masks, as if for the protection of everyone. Just as a side point proper term is physical distancing, not a social one. But they said it is “social distancing.” It is rather obvious what is the goal – to damage the social interactions altogether. It's not wanted by them. Because the root of it is spiritual interactions with the Lor