Soul Food

vāyubhakṣa nyāyaḥ (living from air)

Sometime we say, “You live on air.”

This is usually told to somebody, who is not seen much to eat, because he is not food fan or in other words servant of his tongue. As a matter of fact, people fond of tasting the food have hardly any good taste and habit of cultural eating. They simply feel the urge of craving stomach, in which they throw anything, filling up the empty space there, which is labeled as food, be it hog or dog or any other filth.

For spiritual advancement it is essentially important to follow the culture of tasting and distributing Kṛṣṇa-prasādam. In such a case the devotee can be labeled as living on air. In any case the soul does not subsist by gulping on enormous quantities of whatever whoever designates as a food. The body is nourished only by food. But the soul needs the interaction in Kṛṣṇa conscious variety. That is called bhakti-rasa. By that only it flourishes. Subsequently

this sūtra can be termed bhaktibhakṣa nyāyaḥ. Bhakti is the food for the soul, without which it perishes.

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