Soul's Need For Shelter

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Ajā kṛpāṇaka nyāyaḥ (goat and knife)

A goat came across the sacrificial knife and considered it a good tool to scratch her neck on its sharp edge. The result was that she cut her throat, and bled to death.

There is a saying, “Curiosity killed the cat.” No sane man will fool around with dangerous objects. Only those, who are of the same goatlike or catlike childish stupidity, will have no bar.

This shows us two facts. A) Children, women, and other less self-discriminating members of the human and animal population should get ample protection from those, who are better equipped to see the ongoing lurking dangers of this world. For example, the women ought not to be exploited for sense gratification, and animals should be well treated and protected, instead of building mass slaughterhouses for killing them in hundreds of millions daily. The citizens of the state are like children of the leaders. So they should be treated alike. B) The material world is set up in a way to enthrall every living entity to total spiritual and consequently material carnage, no exceptions. And we are so deceived. We have fewer and fewer bars to toy around with material nature in the ways of nature's exploitation, gadget inventions, military ventures, political oppressions, and so on. The solution is the same as in a). We need discriminating protective guidance, in this case, in the form of śāstra (God given words), sādhu-saṅga (the association of mature devotees of the Lord), and guru (our personal guide and mentor). In such a protective environment we will be certainly saved from getting our throats cut.

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