śiṣyasvātantrya nyāyaḥ (independent disciple)

A disciple is doomed when he declares independence of his guru.

A man misled by present-day impersonal propaganda sees no discrepancy in declaring independence with one's superiors. By bad godless education, it has become practice to act independently from parents, teachers, husbands, elders, bosses. It makes no good even from the atheistic point of view. Rather selfish decision-making is highly esteemed and ultimately given the highest value. So it creates an unfortunate situation, degrading society and its individuals. Guru, parents, boss, and the God in the very first place are to be respected for the higher level of qualities they possess, which in the case of God is to the greatest extent. If proper respect is established, the natural result is an automatic inclination to serve the teacher.

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