The Biggest Treasure

Cintāmaṇiṁ parityajya kācamaṇigrahaṇa nyāyaḥ (giving up touch-stone and taking a gem)

A man gives up wish-fulfilling stone, and takes up some less valuable gem-stone.

The transcendental Goloka plane is labeled as cintāmaṇi-dhāma. Cintāmaṇi-prakara-sadmasu. It is all built of wish-fulfilling touchstones, the most precious building material of all. Yet we gave it up in search for gold, and ordinary gems of this world. It is most odd and foolish. But no wander, foolishness is the trade-mark of material mentality. Even here the value of gold is nowadays misrepresented by faith in using of paper money only or just fictitious numbers. In truth, it is not wish-fulfilling stones that keep interest of the inhabitants of the spiritual world there. It is prema-dhana, the treasure of love of Godhead, epitomized by ever ever fresh moments in reciprocal dealings of conjugal love, parentship, friendship or plain servitude. The ordinary gems love-like dealings, we temporarily enjoy here, are but reflections of these eternal spiritual dealings, and that is why they are so attractive here too.

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