Unchangeable Soul

Ekadeśavikṛtamananyavat (considering it the same, while part is maimed)

One part of a unit may be damaged of removed, yet still the unit is known by its nature. It may happen that man cuts his finger off, but still he remains the same man, almost the same, as for function, however totally the same, as his nature goes. The nature of identity is unchangeable. The more it is true about the soul. It is fully unchangeable. It happens only for the material covering of the body that is maimed. It degenerates and dies, or in other words ceases to function. This unchangeable characteristic of the soul is described in Bhagavad-gétä 2.25 - avyakto 'yam acintyo 'yam avikäryo 'yam ucyate. The words avikäryaù means unchangeable. In spiritual sense, we are all parts and parcels of the Supreme Lord, eternally functioning as His servants in various moods. This nature never does change by any amount of crippling effort of Māyā, the materializing agent of the Supreme Lord. Only the external functioning of us through the agency of Māyā, living entities, is, for the time being, limited, sometime very severely. Internally we remain the same - servants of God.

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