Unsavory Situation

Piṇḍaṁ hitvā karaṁ nyāyaḥ (licking hand without food)

Out of foolishness, a dunce throws out the food and prefers to lick up the trace of the food on his hand, rather than eat tasty food itself.

This is graphic description of grotesqueness of materialistic sense enjoyment, which is nothing less than trying to find pleasure in dim trace of real substance. The real substance is kṛṣṇa-bhakti, and anything else is just perverted reflection of it. Kṛṣṇa akhila-rasāmṛta-mūrtiḥ. Our bodies and whole setup of the material situation is of a temporary nature and most distant to the character of real enjoyment. Yet all less developed living entities come to the death-pit of the matter in pursuit of happyness. Noble idea, yet ignoble place. Nobody found it here, and nobody will. However, when one connects to the origin of ever-lasting bliss, embodied by devotional attitude of Gaurasundara Mahāprabhu, even the impossible act, like getting of the clutches of the witch of egoistic lordship over the material energy of the Lord, will be easily accomplished. Until one is even slightly convinced that material consciousness is a nice situation to stay in, with or without God, he will be licking outside of the honey bottle and pretending how sweet it is. We have been propagating this lifestyle for billions of cycles of creation. In order to stop this we beg Gaurasundara's servants to help us to get rid of our persistent silliness in order to relish true sweetness of the actions of devotional service.

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