Unspoken Common Conspiracy

bhairava nyāyaḥ (about Bhairava)

A brāhmaṇa named Bhairava was very self-complacent, because of the respect he received in the service of the king. For his pride he often quarreled with other brāhmaṇa ministers. Therefore those insulted brāhmaṇas intrigued to prevent Bhairava to enter the royal court. They proclaimed him dead. Bhairava had no means to stop this utter wide-spread lie. After some time, the king was strolling with his ministers in royal gardens. Bhairava waiting eagerly for such an opportunity. He jumped out of the bushes. He called to the king, “My lord this is me, Bhairava. Don't you recognize me?” King's face lit up with a bit of spark, when he saw his beloved minister. But the other ministers jumped quickly in front of him saying, “This must be the ghost of Bhairava. Watch out!” and drove the king away. Bhairava left in utter disappointment.

Here we can learn here important lessons. One is that false pride is deadly enemy of the soul. This unfortunate Bhairava was deprived of honorable associates due to his pride. So are we, the residents of martya-loka, the world of sure death. Due to dallying the illusory pride, we were deprived the best companionship there is, Lord Kṛṣṇa. We became ghost-like shadow existence of our original position. Yet still we insist that it is real.

Second important lesson is about constant false propaganda depriving God of His personhood. This is wide-spread public conspiracy to ignore the personality of Godhead, to proclaim that He is dead or that He is impersonal, ghostly-like. Unfortunately, this is going on in large scale propaganda under the name of scientific progress, love for humanity or major religious doctrines of today. This devilish mentality represents the last part of our story, when Bhairava was conspiratorially disgraced by denying his existence.

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