Worship of Upstarts

Updated: Mar 29

Painting by B.G. Sharma

yādṛśo yakṣastādṛśo baliḥ (power gained by worshiped spirit)

In many parts of the world, there is still a tradition to worship evil or other spirits, and ordinary humans, to get some particular power.

Despite the modern claims of individualistic independence and self-reliance, everybody serves somebody else, since he could not live even for a fraction of a second without doing that. It is

only that atheistic hostile education gives that service a false twist, putting on the first place service to ourselves. But service is there always. Worship is not only an outward ritual. It comprises rituals, service, and mood, overall philosophy, and culture. These counted, plus the person worshiped, a person gets a particular result. It may be superior knowledge, influence, followers, fame, power (baliḥ), money, or some unusual skills. In this sūtra the worship of evil spirits (yakṣāḥ) is mentioned. They are known for giving extraordinary powers. Originally every living e