This collection is intended as a spiritual tour guide to well known and not so common and frequented holy places as well.

You will find here locations and descriptions of places connected with Kṛṣṇa, His pastimes, His incarnations, and His devotees. Descriptions and more places are being gradually added. Let it be for benefit of all, who relish to hear about the glories of dhāma.

"During Hirayakaśipu’s time, his influence was everywhere, but he could not force his influence into the places where the Supreme Personality of Godhead had His pastimes. For example, on this earth there are such places as Vṛndāvana and Ayodhyā, which are called dhāmas. In the dhāma, there is no influence from Kali-yuga or any demon. If one takes shelter of such a dhāma, worship of the Lord becomes very easy, and resultant spiritual advancement quickly takes place. In fact, in India one may still go to Vndāvana and similar places to achieve the results of spiritual activities quickly." ŚB 7.4.22-23, purport